Acer one crystal eye driver for windows 7


Acer Crystal Eye Web Camera Driver for Windows 7

There has been a lot of problem for Acer Laptop users while migrating to Windows 7. But if you see almost all of the drivers inbuilt in Windows 7 can handle the drivers for most of the devices except for devices like the Web Camera.

Today, we have faced the same problem while trying to upgrade the Acer Aspire PC to Windows 7 from XP. While, all of the other drivers will work by default and some of the drivers like the Intel Graphics Accelerator, Ethernet drivers can be seen in the Windows Update list as optional Updates which can be downloaded and installed automatically.

The only problem I faced is with the Acer Crystal Eye Web Camera driver. I have almost tried all of the available drivers but none worked. Most of the forums provided solutions to use the SUYIN NB Cam drive:

C:\\Windows\\SUYIN NB Cam\\LiveCam.exe

This one works but it was not the perfect solution.

Most of the drivers and applications available gives the same error out:

No Acer video capture device was detected on your system

After a lot of trial and error finally i have found the perfect solution for this problem. I have got this Acer Camera Suyin v. which is made for Windows 7. After installing this, I restarted the system and it worked against all odds.

Download the Driver from the link below. Install it and restart the system. Once successfully done, start the Acer Crystal Eye webcam. It should work. No other drivers are required.

File: Acer_Camera_Suyin_v.

Size: 3.29 MB

Screen Shots:

We have tried this driver in Acer Aspire 5570Z and Acer Aspire 4925G and it worked successfully. I hope it will work for other models also. If any problem occurs, do comment.

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487 Responses to “Acer Crystal Eye Web Camera Driver for Windows 7”

If anyone has tried this driver please do let us know..Just leave a comment. Please.

didn’t work on acer aspire 5930G

Please try after uninstalling all other drivers which you have installed earlier.

it works on aspire 7720G. Thanks

cannot work on acer aspire 2920>. retrofungus Says:
April 14th, 2010 at 8:39 am

didn’t work on my 5570,’camera not found’ displayed after opening acer crystal eye

@retrofungus: Try going to the location and check whether your camera works or not
C:\Windows\SUYIN NB Cam\LiveCam.exe
If its not working then install the driver again.

thx,it work on acer aspire 4920 . im use win7 32 bit

its work on aspire 2920…thanx a lot!really appreciate this

same problem as retrofungus on my 5520 win7 32
there isn’t a C:\Windows\SUYIN NB Cam folder

Many thanks for those drivers on a laptop acer aspire 57382zg work great:)

der treiber funktioniert auf acer 8730G.vielen lieben dank.

Many thanks, works well with Aspire One netbook 532h

Thanks, works on Acer Aspire 6530.

Thank you! Worked on my Acer Aspire 5738ZG! ?

it didnt work in my aspire one d250 too..camera not found

does not work on aspire 6920

w0rk for tavelmate 6291..tX =D

Oh thanks men it’s working c:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gracias intente con muchos pero ningumo me mio, este si por fin

thank you man . its working perfect…

Works on my aspire 5536G! Thanks alot dennis ?

It WORKED just as you said for my ACER Aspire 6530. Just need to make sure you are admin for the computer, then install setup, restart computer, and presto, the webcam appears in the program list. Many thanks, Dennis, this was one of the easiest fixes ever!

yeah, it works on aspire 5720 ? thanks!

I’ve tried many solutions and was at wits end! but this download worked for my Acer TimeLine 3810T, Windows 7

My Aspire one keeps saying “Camera not found.” … What am I supposed to do!? i have windows 7 btw.

Downloaded, installed, rebooted and working 100% on my Acer Aspire One AOA110/150 running Windows 7. I take my hat off to you. Thanks.

yay! it works for acer aspire 4730z ? and now i can record video. gee thanks! ?

Tried even downloading twice too but it won’t work for the Acer Aspire 5517 ?

it didnt work on my aspireone d250

Did not work for me on 6930G. Is this a 64bit or 32bit driver? I have recently used the 32bit Acer win7 upgrade disk. It total rubbish, it broke nearly every driver on my system, including Nvidia graphics. This is the last one I have left to sort out. Does it make a difference? It did not create any suyin folder anywhere on my harddisk. I did eye the Crystal Eye icon on my start menu. I also have a registery entry for suyin, but can’t find any files. When I start the Crystal Eye program, is say no camera, even though the camera is still in device manager.

thanks thank thanks its work in acer 5135

It didnt work for the aspire 7530.. ‘cam not found’ and the folder C:/windows/suyin.. etc did not excist either.. too bad =(

Hey guys,
I have an Acer Netbook 751h with Windows 7-32bit running, and I’ve almost gone crazy looking for a working driver for its webcam. I believe the model to be Suyin, but I’m not 100% sure. The Acer-Website’s driver database only provides a Suyin Application (seemingly same as provided here) that wouldn’t install a correct driver and the camera can’t be found. Your driver unfortunately also doesn’t do the trick for me. If anyone could help, it’d really, really be appreciated -.-

It didn’t work on acer aspire 4736z please help…

Hey Works Great on Acer Aspire 4520 Thanks for the Link…

It’s work. Thks alot beb. I’m using win 7 32bit on my acer aspire 4920

it won’t work for the Acer Aspire 5517. I need help with my Acer 5517 windows 7 webcam.

not working on aspire 7520g :'(

OMG, i was looking for days how to fix this thing and how….YAYYYY i can make videosss. So, so thank youuu :)) Mine is Acer Extensa 5630 Thank you sooo much!

not working for acer aspire 6930 G The Icon is there but when I clicked said camera not found

Some people told tat it wont work on acer aspire d250… I thought it would not install in mine also but its great dude… Itz workin and thank u so much… I had almost gone crazy with tat issue and now itz solved….


my acer web cam is not working

my acer crystal eye web cam doesn’t work any more . I type a application before one week but not download the web com. please restored the web com my computer.

work on ACER ASPIRE 4715z…thanx

Trevor I too have a Aspire One A150, but it did not work for me would you email me a snapshot of your device manager…? or some clue to what I need to do…? Thanx a lot

sorry forgot to give you my email: [email protected] .
Also does anyone here know how to find out what cam does your Aspire One mount….?

its no working for my extensa 5635z

its aint working on my acer extensa5635z

yo lo probe en una acer aspire 5551 y no funciona me dice que no hay dispositivo, el administrador de hardware me saca un error al instalar el driver del dispositivo.

utilizo windows 7 ultimate 32bits.

doesnt work on AoD250..win7 32x. :(..any suggestions for this to work?
C:\Windows\SUYIN NB Cam\LiveCam.exe not found too.

i have problem. i can,t install acer crystal eye webcam in my pc acer aspire 4732Z with windows 7 ultimate. help please…. how to solve this problem.

WORKS on Acer Aspire 2920 brilliantly – Thank you very much. Now need to hunt for all the other drivers lost and programs lost due to upgrading to Win 7.

Doesn’t work on the Aspire One D150-1920 ..aarrgh

It is not working for the AspireOne D250. Error message: Camera not found. ? I was so looking forward to a simple fix and being able to upload videos for my sign language students. I guess I’m back to the old fashioned method of the camera and memory card.

tx guys …itz working my acer aspire 4715z…thanks so much

it dont works on acer aspire 5535 windows7 x64

didn’t work on my AspireOne 751h (Win 7, 32bit)

Tried it on an acer netbook win 7 no luck says camera not found

It didn’t work on 7730G nothing has happend ?
Whats should I do now?

using acer aspire 5517… camera not found.. but its the closest thing to finding a solution.. (0_o)

Acer Inspire 5710Z… camera not foud and no C:WindowsSUYIN NB CamLiveCam.exe too. Acer Crystal Eye Webcam icon and exe in C:Windows\nwhat next?

pues en la acer aspire 4520….funciono bien….ahora solo kiciera q funcione mi control de volumen….xq jalaba bien…hasta q instale windows 7….y fue entonces cuando furulo…asi q…si alguien sabe como puedo hacer q funcione otra vez….le agradecere q me lo diga…;-).

i have acer aspire 4736,with windows 7 installed…
my acer crystal eye camera works perfectly fine for skype and video chat,but when i click on the application in program files it opens nothing…..the window is not opened to take pictures. plz help

i have acer aspire 5930 i installed windows seven ultimate 32 bit…i didn’t install any driver but your driver isn’t walking. thanks for your help

eu tenho um not amachines e estalei o windons 7 e nao funcionou mais minha webcam acer e625 qual seria o driver q tenho q estalar obrigado des de ja

This works but windows 7 still does not use the driver from Acer itself. Check your device manager for Imaging Devices and look for the properties of the Video Webcam, the driver still belongs to Windows. I wonder if there is a real driver for the Crystal Eye Cam for Windows 7. I’ve tried everything also and there isn’t much resource on the net.

,ah how do i download acer crystal webcam..

It’s working on my aspire 4736Z…
Thank you……..

Thanks for the Link, it work perfect for Acer Aspire One AO532h…

dang it! not working on aspire 4530…
meh acer peripherals blows!

Wow.. it works on my aspire 4920 too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

it doesn’t working on my aspire 4736z………please help.

Not working on Aspire 4720z.
Thanx anyway

I need one for my acer aspire 2920.

tidak bekerja pada acer aspire 4732z……setelah instal tetap keluar kotak dialog “camera not found”


Aspire 6930ZG nothing from the listed above comments helped tried liteOn and Suyin but nothing. PLS give a hint what shall i do ?

Thanks alot….it has worked……have a nice day!

tidak berkerja pada Acer aspire One 532h-2cs..gmn

does not work on Acer Aspire One 532h-2cs ..

Gracias me funciono de maravilla, workin at acer extensa 4420 window 7 x86

It works fine on my notebook -> Acer Travelmate 6292 with Windows7. I had problem with drivers from ACER Support, and just only this drivers work ?

IT works great for my acer aspire 4810 tz! YAY!

this did not work on my Aspire 5315.. i’m not sure where to find any other drivers. my hard drive is basically brand new and was immediately equipped with Windows 7 Ultimate after i bought it. how do i make the webcam work?

My friend, I tried your solution above for the Acer Aspire One AO751h netbook with Windows 7 (from Vista), but unfortunately didn’t work… Do you recommend something else?

Anyway, thank you for post a solution. Regards…

hey….thank u man…its working fine…!! ive almost tried everything…but finally this thing worked….

its work for my acer 4715z. thank a lot bro..

Ça marche sur Acer 5735Z merci bcp !!

i’m using 4715Z but error came out “camera not found”. how to make it work?

nice! it worked for me! *aspire 1

it didn’t work on my aspire 4315. it keep saying camera not found… please help me to solved this problem.

I have the Acer Aspire One 532h-2234 and this driver noted above (Suyin) did not work for me. Still kept saying “Camera not found”. I uninstalled the Acer Crystal Webcam software, rebooted, went to the Acer site for my exact model and downloaded the “Camera Liteon 0.933” driver. Installed this and now the camera is working just great. Maybe not the exact same cams were installed in each model.
On another forum, I also found a better software to work with this camera: Debut Video Capture. It WILL record video with sound, which the Acer Crystal webcam software won’t/can’t do. Debut also will schedule recordings, can do screen recording, and can do jpg captures. Great software and great price – free. I’m not affiliated with them in any way – just sharing the info, hoping it can help someone.

It works for my Aspire 5735Z. Thanx ?

its not working in acer travelmate 5720……can u give me the driver fir this laptop……………..


perfectly work on aspire 5737Z thx

Acer 5740G, камера работает с таким драйвером (судя по окошку), где нашел, уже не помню. Качество картинки весьма грустное для 1,3 Мр, автонастройки не активны. Поделитесь информацией о качестве и настройках.

hi. i got my aspire 4745G i5 last Monday. the cam is working but when i got home and tried the cam again inside my room, the display is dark / dim eventhough my room is well lighted. the cam is working great if i am using it outdoors where there is enough sunlight (the light source should be in front of me and not at the back or at my head cause it will be dim). and why can’t i check the box for “lowlight compensation” on acer webcam settings? any suggestions? thanks..

it doesnt work for my aspire 4920. win 7..
it says camera not found..

this link was da only one that worked on my acer aspire 5735

I have an Acer Aspire 3935 and I keep getting an error saying \Camera not found.\ I’ve tried downloading the Suyin driver, but it’s still not working. Please helpp!

this is not work properly on acer aspire 5600

Does not work on my Ace Aspire 5740
“Camera no found” (that’s right. It isn’t “Not” found but “no” found.) error and also cannot find the SUYIN directory?

Did not work on my aspire 4310, can you help me on this issue? Thanks in advance.


Aspire 7720====> O.K. Acer CrystalEYE Webcamera

guys, are your webcameras clear when in low-light location? mine is dark and not clear even if i have a flourescent light above me…

my laptop is Aspire 4745G..thanks..

acer aspire 5735Z win7 32bit
it doesn’t work ?

this is not work properly on acer aspire 4925
Thank You….

this is work properly on acer aspire 4925
Thank You….

works on acer 2920Z very good. thx alot, i was looking for this for weeks.

People go to the site of acer http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers select drivers e download and select your product model then choose windows vista home basic x32 or other else from windows vista as system operating and choose the camera chicony and after install restart your pc and it work’s, i do that to my windows 7 and work’s 100%

anybody knows if it works on and aspire 5515?

Thanks Guys, did everything as advised and all working ok on my aspire 5735

not working on aspire 6530

it say “camera not found” please help .. i using acer aspire 4530..

it say “camera not found” please help .. i using acer aspire 2920 w7 profesional..

it say “camera not found” please help .. i using acer aspire 4920 windows 7 ultimate 32 bit..

it worked for me Thx (Aspire 5740G-434G50Mn)

I have an acer aspire 5710g and it didnt work.. After installing windows 7 ultimate my crystal eye cam doesnt work..sighhh but it was working perfectly before on the original windows vista…:( Any ideas anyone.. I tried going to the acer site as well as mentioned above by JORGE and that didnt work either.. The downloads wouldnt complete..

hi… im using aspire 4315 my operating system is win 7 ultimate… after installing the driver my acer crystal eye still cannot work.. please help me..

i have acer 4736z,i’ve installed the driver but it didn’t work..”no camera found!”

hi! i have an acer 4730G.thanks to the link,my crystal eye camera is now working!

poxa eu instalei mas diz que nao tem cam
o meu e um acer aspire one D250 me ajude preciso do driver da web cam meu sistema e windom7 ultimate.obrigado espero respostas.

I upgraded my vista to windows 7 and since then I’ve been looking for the software of my Crystal Eye Webcam, I found some but I can only use it on video call and can’t find the software on my system. Now I found this one, it works great! i can use my Crystal Eye Webcam again like it used to be. Thanks for the big help.

I upgraded my Aspire 6930 to Windows 7. Got the “Camera not found” message. Installed driver above and it still does not work.

I have an Acer Aspire 5517 with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. I have tried all the drivers I could find for m Acer 5517, but they all tell me camera not found when installed. When I try to update the Webcam driver in device manager it tells me that the driver is not compatable with my system. I am running out of ideas.

Did not work on aspire 5738G ?

I have an Acer Aspire 5534 and I’m completely and utterly frustrated at this point because I’ve tried more than seven times to download, install, and then restart…. hoping the problem would be resolved, and each time the message “Camera not found!” is displayed. Each and every time I have to then uninstall the camera, restart and try the process all over again but I have had NO LUCK. Can someone please tell me if there is another solution… please….
Thank you in advance.

doesnt work on my acer 4253

doesnt work on my acer 4253 ples help , im using & ultimate

It works with netbook acer aspire one AOA 150, thaks you save my life.

Failed with Acer Aspire 5670, Bummer.

didn’t work on acer aspire 5741g

didn’t work for me.. mine was aspire 4715z

Everything works perfect…just installed it and attached link C:\Windows\SUYIN NB Cam\LiveCam.exe to icon …
executed it and I’ve seen myself..

Thank you very much Dennis. This driver works on Acer Aspire One ZG5 (netbook) with MS Windows & Ultimate 32-bit.

IT WORKED! Its working perfect! I have a acer aspire 5720..
Thank you soo much! ?

thnx yaar. it worked on my acer aspire 4720z

Thank you very much great update after a long time I got my camera back Aspire 47202. Keep good work and thanks a lot.

Software worked great on an Acer Aspire 4310 running Windows 7. Cheers.

“acer T6291 not work … any other solution for me? Windows keep show the message ”
camera not found
anyone, pleae help me.

Didnt work on my Acep Aspire One AO522 after upgrading to windows 7 premium

well it does not work for me. mine is Acer Aspire 2920Z. can anybody help?

thanx… it works like charm

mon webcam(eye crystal webcam pour acer travelmate 5740G) ne fonctionne plus depuis quelques jours..qu’est ce que je dois faire pour ce probleme? et merci d’avance

this is work on aspire one 522 .

Thank you friend….. its working on Acer Extensa 4630…

Didn’t work on my Acer Aspire 5740-5780. The Crystal Eye program works the same as it did before I installed this version, which is to say it shows what the camera sees, but it doesn’t record, doesn’t allow anything to be saved, and isn’t recognized by anything else on the computer, including the Control Panel and Windows Movie Maker, so it’s essentially useless.

it working in window 7 in acer 4738Z

i tried downloadong and installing you suggestion but still it says ‘no camera found’ when i tried to open it after restarting my computer. im using an ACER Aspire 5710. Please help.. thanks

dude thanks..it worked on my acer 4759G.

*correction, it should be 4750G–hehe

This app doesn’t work on my Acer Aspire 5736Z
it display “Camera not found” message.

i cant believe it plays it amazing..5530g work fine thank you

didn’t work on acer aspire 4315 running windows7. says \Camera not found ?

I’ve tried to install it but it says that it is the previous version of one that i have installed. how do i uninstall my version in order to install this one?

no sirvio para mi acer aspire one AO751H, me interesa que funcione simplemente con los programas de mensajeria…

didn’t work on travelmate 4730. displays “camera not found”


ok kau sa’ko acer 4715z. Daghang salamat sa nag-upload!

nao consigo baixar o driver

where i can download this webcam? anyone can tell me..

it’s dose’t work in acer aspire 4738z, help me please….

“camera not found” acer aspire 4738Z….

I use Acer Ferrari 1100, anybody can tell me?

this is not work to acer 4253…help.
any other solusion please…i’m using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit……

well it does not work for me. mine is Acer Extenza 5630Z. can anybody help?

it not work in acer aspire 5535 problem occur that camera not found. plz help me

It worked for me – Aspire 5738ZG, win 7 ?

ACER ASPIRE 4750G. Camera not found as well. ?

It work on aspire 5315 THX very much

Does not work on Acer aspire 5810TG, but thanks anyway. Really annoying that I can’t get this to work! If anyone knows a fix, please let me know!

en mi PC acer aspire one d250 no me funciona, dice que no encuentra la camara. mi pc es una mini.

Thank you, It worked well for my Aspire 5737Z

It still says : No camera found :/
I have acer aspire 5710

how about bluetooth driver, have anyone find a working one for acer??

not working for aspire 4920 i`m use win 7 64bit..
64bit version or 32bit, it is make any diffrent??

i found few people using 4920 already can use the webcam but why mine cannot?? whyyyy??

hey..thanks for the help..its working with my acer aspire 4736z.. it’s a very good solution and i’m very glad found this website…thanks a lot ^o^
two thumbs up for u !!

I can’t even install this application. I’m using Acer Aspire 4741 what should I do. ?

Worked with aspire 4253. Thanks. By the way, if it worked with my 4253, it may work with 4738, 4738Z, 4733Z, 4552, 4333 and 4252.

didn’t work. camera not found’ displayed after opening acer crystal eye

It did work on acer aspire 5520 smoothly. Man you saved my day. Thnx a lot.

I installed it on my ACER Travelmate TimelineX8372TG it did not work “camera not found”. Try to re-install it again but still “camera not found”. ?

it doesn’t work on my acer aspire 4736Z..plz help!

it works with acer travelmate 6291

my aspire 5532 camera not working

tried it and works for me. tnx

I’m using acer aspire 4920 and using window vista… i tried the link u provided and it doesn’t work on my laptop.. can you please help me?

Didnt work for aspire 4736z

It does not work with my Acer Aspire 4745G :(((((

Funcionando bem Acer Aspire 4710z. Obrigado pelo seu trabalho. obrigadooooooooooo.

tdk bekerja di 4930. camera not found

plzz anybody give me driver of webcam for aspire 5738 of acer…which is 32 bit processor…..

Yééééààààààààhh …. It work right .. yeah thank yooouu very much ? .


it doesn’t work on my aspire 4535.
how could this happen?

i have downloaded the acer crystal eye drive in above link

can i get the web cam driver for my aspire 9300. for windows 7..thanks for help in this regard

I have an Aspire 4810T and my Crystal Eye was not working well since I uploaded Windows7… But the video was working, I just didn’t have the sound and did not have the possibility to record either. But now it’s worse, I installed your aplication and now nothing works :)! It says it cannot find the camera. Could you help me please?

did’nt work on my acer aspire one d 255

thanks for the driver now i am able to using my laptop cam in window7 thanks so much for the driver

it works on other 4715z.. but it didn’t work to my 4715z in windows7..
error “no camera found” , how did you run the program correctly?? please.. to all 4715z users that correctly installed this driver.

worked for my Aspire 4736Z.. thanks a lot ?

camera not found, please help

You should get a bloody medal for this. I’ve been tearing my hair out to get this working, without any results. All other sites popping up via searches are scams or addbots.

after install when click that. It say no camera found.now what can i do?

after install when i click that it say no camera found. Now what can i do? Plz reply me.

after install when i click that it say no camera found. Now what can i do? Plz reply me.

I have a Acer aspire 6530 with Windows Vista Premium & am trying to hook a HDMI cable from a video camera to the laptop. I have been unable to get the laptop to see the camera as a capture device. Any thoughts?

I used the webcam drivers for 5575G for my Acer 4736Z and it is working

Mine’s 4715z too… sorry, it didn’t work.

thanks for driver .I needed so much it
very thanks so my webcam is working very good

didnt work on my acer d255.help

con you give me link to download free driver ethernet acer aspire one intel atom™ N455??

worked for my aspire 4736z
thanks. ?

i can’t make my crystal eye work using this link with win7 i don’t know why please is there anyone tell my how it work pleaaaaaasssssssssssssse

doesnt work on my aspire 5750g, still “camera was not found”

tnx it works or mi acer 4715z

Its Not working on My Acer Aspire 4738z Notebook.
Its says “Camera Not found”
Hope I Can Get one that will work for it please?
Mail me @ [email protected]

it didnt work in acer aspire 4530. anyone please help me?

it accepted to be install but when i openned the webcam, the message box appears is “camera not found” please help.acer 5736z

the installation was complete but when open the webcam “camera not found” was the message.please assist.acer 5736z

the installation is complete but when i open the message box that appears “camera not found” please assist for acer 5736z

it can works in d250 it said (camera not found)

thank you ? it works on acer aspire 4755G ?

no funciona en mi acer aspire one d250 con windows 7 32b porfavor ayudarme que tengo ami mujer en alemania trabajando y tengo que ablar con ellas todos los dias por el skype y si no tengo can pues como que no puedo ablar,por favor me urge muxo que la crisis me esta matando ,saludosssssssssssss

Thanks a lot Dennis for your post. This driver is perfect for my Acer Extensa 5630Z with win7 ultimate x64 pack1. Chris999

did’nt work on aspire 4330…..file corrupted!

Win7 Home Premium 32bit, Aspire 5730, Work

God Dangit (tobygames) Doesn’t work on my Acer Aspire 5742ZG ? fml

have an acer aspire 7530 laptop did all that been told for install driver for webcam for windows 7 he appears in start list but if click it i do get camera not found . Any ideas what to do to fix it because I rather not been forced to get myself a seperate webcam to take pic like I used to do when still had windows vista in use.


its works ,, you awsome . i try one time and its works fast

perfect! thank you! acer extensa 5635 ZG win 7 home premium 64 bit

Alguien lo probó con un acer aspire 5930 o 5930G no consigo que me funcione mi cristal eye bajo windows 7, gracias.

Le ha funcionado a alguien en un acer aspiere 5930 o 5930g? bajo windows 7 diganme como, gracias yo no puedo hacerle funcionar

Problems on 5820T. Opens a window but the display is black and you cannot modify any settings. The second try I got a “camera not found” message. Not good.

Not working on 5820T. It opens the window, but is black and you can’t modify any settings.

thanks alot its work with me in acer 5630Z

hi, when I finish to install the acer crystal suyin then my laptop ask for restart, after I restart, I Click the Acer Crystal Webcam.EXE..

It appears an error box. Camera not found.

Thanks a lot. I am using Acer Aspire 5732z notebook with Windows 7 Ultimate and yhe driver you suggested solved my problem with the Crystal Eye web camera that could not be revived after switch from Vista. The newer drivers did not install in Windows 7 properly.

works great!
i was able to earn 300 bucks! hehehe

not wurking.it display”camera notfound”

Did not work on my Aspire 5252-V518 .
i have tried everything

DID not work on my Aspire 5252??
I have tried everything…another other suggestions?

pliz advice, app doesn’t work on my acer 5736z. am using windows 7 professional. displays NO CAMERA DEVICE.

ayuda no funciono en mi acer aspire 7741z-4643 tengo el win 7 ultimate aparecio el icono pero al abrir se puso camara no encontrada por favor ayuda

Ne fonctionne pas sur ASPIRE 5740G

Works on Extensa 5620 Thanks a lot!

why on acer aspire one 722 reading “CAMERA NOT FOUND”??why? why? I am very disappointed! I had hoped to succeed, but itfailed ? continued also why when there is complete restart thewritings install Adobe Flash Player? please answer. please please ? ? ?

i have installed the driver from above link.
it works but the image is upside down
i am using Aspire 6935G
Windows 7 x64
I have downloaded the driver from the acer site as well still te image is inverted.
The settings are all greyed in the camera control tab.
If anyone can help it will be highly appreciated.
kindly email me at [email protected]

hello ?
I’ve an acer aspire 7745G with win 7.
If i wanna run the exe, i get also the error “camera not found”

I see that many of you have the same prob so i followed the hint of TOphotog and installed the programm Debut Video Capture .

It’s realy different to the ‘normal’ one, but it works great!
So thx for the nice tip, TOphotog!

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did not work, says camera not found’ but thanx anyway
i have acer aspire 4732z

Hi there,
It did not work with my aspire 5535 with a webcam from BISON manufactures.
Could you , guys, point me to a right win7 driver for BISON camara??
Thanks ,

Did not work on aspire 4738

i installed acer crystal eye webcam but it says no camera found
acer aspire 5740g

not working to my older aspire 9412

tried on aspire 7350 but id didn`t work
Shows Camera not found

acer 5735z not working web cam please help me

please, what to do when you start the program says “camera not found”? Although the camera works (such as Skype)

en aspire 5253 me dice q “no hay camara”

Thank yo ery much for this software. but i will try this.

It works perfectly on Acer Aspire 4740. Thank you very much.

If you installed the drivers provided on Acer’s site, uninstall all of it. The Suyin installer provided there doesn’t work for 4740 because it’s an updated version. Thanks again for this fix.

works on 4750 win7 ultimate 32-bit

I tried on Aspire2420 but it didn’t work.
Shows “Camera not found”
Could anyone help me?

it didn’t work on my Acer 5734Z-4958. after the installation i tried the webcam but it just showed a black screen. i tried uninstalling & re-installing it 2X and it still ended up showing only a black screen. pls help… thanks!

it didn’t word on my Acer Aspire 4315 with win7. It says “Camera not found”. i already restarted and tried installing and re-installing but I still got error. “Camera not found.

J’ai un Acer Aspire 5810T, avec windows 7 x64
lorsque j’ouvre Acer crystal eye webcam Il affirme CAMERA NOT FOUND!
je suis désespéré. j’ai essayé le lien et même chose .

I have an Acer Aspire 5810T, windows 7 x64when I open Acer crystal eye webcam it says CAMERA NOT FOUND!I am desperate. I tried the link and the same thing!SOMEONE HELP ME! Please!

Worked for 5750G win 7 x32

thanks.. its realy work wel

cara donwlond draver wepcem aspire one gmn kawn. tln di jawab ya..hheheh

Gracias me sirvio para acer ASPIRE OA532H

JIngJong…tolol amat sih lu,tinggal klik download sitenya tuh….ga ngerti bahasa inggris tah? kok punya leptop sih orang kayak lu?

it work prop. with acer travelmate 5740

This worked on an Acer Aspire 7736Z-4088. First I uninstalled the Acer Webcam entry under Imaging Devices in Device Manager. Then I installed/Ran as Administrator the downloaded file from the link above. The problem started after the user changed her OS from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional 32bit. (Don’t know whether the original Home Premium was 32 or 64 bit). Problem is now resolved. Thanks techrena!

didn’t work in aspire 4736Z.. it says camera not found and cannot execute.. please help me on this.. tnx

same problem, says: camera not found for my aspire 4752ZG,,kindly tell us how to fix this..tnx a lot

Dear sir, I have installed soft Camera Utility_Cyberlink_1.0.1306_Win7x64 into my laptop but it’s not work. I can start to the webcam my laptop but i don’t see the pictures. please kindly help to advise and fix it. Thank so much. Mr.Minh Ti

my camera aint working properly but it is 4 acer 5736z , please help i did everything required

thanks guys i dounloaded acer suyin from 4share and it worked well in win7x32

It did not work in acer aspire 5630

This did not work for acer aspire 5552….camera still cannot be found. What a drag…

This didn’t work, BUT i did get mine to work! If you completely restarted your computer and downloaded windows again and is wondering why your camera doesn’t work, this is what i did:
Go to my computer, Open your computer hard drive, Find Windows.old and open it, find program files (x86) and open it, Find Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and open it….in this folder should be CrystalEye. Click and the program should run….

April 3rd, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Does not work om my Acer Aspire AOD255E. somebody help!!

does not work with my acer extensa 4630z
no device found


gud pm,my web cam is not found so can you help me for my aspire one D260.THANK YOU

This did not work for me. I even tried all the other brand manufacturer drivers for my model, (incidentally you can download drivers specific to your Acer system on their website here. http://support.acer.com/us/en/default.aspx) I even uninstalled the original driver (windows generic) I don’t think this solution will work for all. I am running win 7 32 bit.

thanks. u saved my life!! its works so good! =)

hola mi pc es un acer aspire 5315-2532 y ya he intentado con muchos drivers para la cam y ninguno me ha servido, ya intente con el de esta pagina y tampoco, sera que alguien me puede colaborar y decirme donde puedo encontrar este drivers mi sistema operativo es Win 7

worked for my Aspire 4755G… thanks!

ACER 5742 cam is not detected , even by a third party software i cam to know its vendor name “Liteon” but all softwares give message no camera deteced.

it didnt work on my acer aspire 4720…
after installation it still says “CAMERA NOT FOUND” PLEASE HELP….

unfortunately doesn’t work on acer aspire 5552G

wow…. amazing… it really works… thank u so much.. i tried many acer crystal eye webcam drivers bt it ddnt work n my netbook coz my os b4 was xp now it’s windows 7 thank u so much.. ihav webcam now.. it’s working…. can u help m? i still hav 1 problem my battery isnt chrgng up 2 100% anymore coz i used my netbook wd batery while chrgng dn d chrgng s up 2 90% dn i used it wd batery while chrging it now turns 2 70% now it’s 7%… do i need 2buy new battery?

doesn’t work on acer aspire 5552G

None of the above options work with the Acer Aspire 5720Z notebook, If I come across something, you are the first to know …. ?

It is not working for acer aspire 5733z-4505.Pls Help me on this>>>>>…….

I have installed the webcam correctly. But when i want to open the webcam there is always standing “camera not found!” But my notebook (Acer Aspire 5536G) has a built-in webcam.
Please help me!
Greetings maddy! (:

i have installed the crystal eye webcam but after restarting the machine come this command camera not found

This information is very helpful to me. and itwork well

i have aspire 4730.. i put this on for the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and it works in skype but I cannot open the webcam on it’s own for taking pictures or anything. Any help??

Thanks a lot ? it works in my acer aspire 4736z…

i install the software that u recommend.. and it doesnt work at all.. i pop out no camera detected… i use aspire 4540..

WORKS! thanks ?

i need a ‘Acer CrystalEye Webcam Driver’

Thanks a Ton ?
It worked for my Extensa 4620Z.. Cheers !! ?

Il mio modello è aspir 5736Z serias e non funziona questo programma quale mi consigliate?

thx it works ok with my aspire 5738z

thanks bro,it worked in acer aspire 5710g,god bless

Hi, I have a Aspire 5810T and I upgraded to 7 and I tried this, It came on but when I click it This message shows up – Camera not found!

It doesnot work on acer aspire 4736z. The program gotten error, camera not found.

Ami me funciono a la perfección tengo un acer aspire 5315 2142

hallo ik heb een acer aspire 5742..wilde hem terugzetten naar een eerdere datum,en wat deed ik heb terug laten gaan naar de fabrieksinstellingen..dus dat duur een 1/12 dag voor dat ik weer in het systeem kwam..dus nu is hij alle software opnieuw aan het installeren,nu is hij bezig met me crystal eye te installeren duurt wel lang hoor

it doesn’t work on my aspire one happy2, please help me, i have try since one week ago but still have same comment, “camera not found” or “no video device campure”.
Help me please, thanks

muy buen aporte me sirvio mucho …muchas gracias
i dont speak spanis XD

“camera not found” on aspire 5732 Z….i can see you helped a lot of people tho, and thats nice.
I am just unfortunate with my laptop model ^ ^”

Worked fine on my Acer Aspire 5738
thanks a lot ?

thanks a lot!! it worked on aspire one D270

it works on aspire one D270.
I am grateful. thanks

This driver works on Acer Aspire 7730Z…Hurray!!

It didn’t work for my Aspire 5740. Once you click “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam” it says CAMERA NOT FOUND.

not work in my netbook aspire one happy 2 type n570
i’m try to download, but after finish “camera not found”
can you help me please

i tried uninstalling and installing this software several times on my acer aspire 5532 and still saying camera not found ?

Thnx buddy worked perfectly on acer aspire 4710Z also
thnx a lot again

Work perfectly on ASPIRE 5039G. ?

thank u so much. worked well on my acer aspire 4755G.
for so many downloads from different sites, finally i found 1 that worked.

it’s work in aspire 4736.. thanks a lot..^^

I tried to install on my Acer 5742-6480 it shows the icon but it says camera not found

It is working in Travelmate 4750. Tnx. God bless!

didnt work for my aspire one d255 . HELP PLEASE ! T____T

no encuentro los driver de wifi, pero tampoco encuantro los driver de la camara. dame una pagina mi pc es aspire 5750

I have an Aspire 5253 and the download now gave me the crystal eye webcam program in my programs list, but when I click on it “no camera found” I am running windows 7 64 bit this os was installed when I bought teh computer brand new 1 1/2 years ago. Can you please help me. Thank You.

didn’t work on acer aspire 4715z

I used to be recommended this web site through my cousin.
I am now not sure whether or not this submit is written via him as nobody
else recognise such distinct approximately my difficulty.
You are wonderful! Thanks!

Also works on acer extensa 5230. Thank you!

Yay it worked on my extensa 5630!

yh it all go it bk on no it is woker on my 5750Z ? ?

yh it all go it bk on no it is woker on my 5750Z ? ? ty /go to start search put in zip then go to set up the it well worke

i have an acer aspire 8920 and it doesnt work on that, and ive tried the other drivers and it still doesnt work. keeps saying “camera not found” is there any solution for this aspire model ?

i got lines on screen while cam operating

It work on my Acer aspire 5349 ?
thank you

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its working.

Camera not found in my aspire 4349….can u tell me the solution please.

Works fine on ACER Extensa 5620Z
Great job . ?

camera not found on aspire 5735. please help me

Didn’t work on Acer Aspire 5733 Just said “camera not found”

i have tried it on my aspire 4738 did not work ?

muchas gracias ……….merci infiniment…thank you very much…. tabaraka ellahi fikom

acer crytan eya webcam não pega cameras rui

fonctionne sur mon acer 5736z. ,
merci beaucoup.

webcam not found on my aspire D257 ? what can i do?

Camara not found for my AO/532h W7

I’ve deleted all drivers for Crystal Eye webcam from my Acer Aspire 7520. Downloaded new SUYIN driver for Win 7. Installed driver as Administrator, but still doesn’t work the device. Used Camera_Bison_7.96.701.12_VistaX86 but still won’t start camera. Used “Live Cam” and Crystal Eye seems to work normally but, still doesn’t start with the Bison-7 drivers shown above. Can’t figure out what is wrong with this setup .

buen aporte men, funciona en mi acer 5315 windows7 gracias

Perfect . I was searching for a driver to solve this problem. IM from Brazil. Thanks.

I really really thank you. Long live positive thinking

It doesn’t work for AO715h…… :'(

Guys for all of you who might not still have a solution, please try this one. I was looking for AO751h driver webcam for (Windows® 7) and i found the solution. The one posted here didn’t work as you could see on my previous post. So this one worked perfectly :-),

it works for Acer aspire one AO751h, thanks a lot ?

Hi! I installed one and everytime I try to open it It says “camera not found”
what could be the problem?
Mine’s an aspire one D270
Pls. help, thanks you

it works on my Aspire 4741Z. Thanks!

Después de muchos intentos con otros driver, este funciona perfectamente, un buen aporte y muchas gracias,

it doesn’t work on my acer aspire one D255E….what should i do!?please help

This site has no rating
(not enough votes)

It doesnt work on aspire 9420

Works on Travelmate 4750G! Thanks a lot!

Gracias por fin pude conseguir el driver de la web cam para una acer aspire one D270 si funciona al 100%

aspire 7741z says already installed and this is an older version …..hmmmmm not urgent but would like it to work “just in case”

Just to let you know, I was installing your link tonight on my Acer Aspire 5738Z. The original Crystal Eye camera was not taking pictures sharply anymore. Your link works very good and I thank you very much for your endeavours. Greetings from Switzerland!

didn’t work on Acer Aspire 5734z

Ive tried this link and i followed all the correct steps three times now and the same error message pops up… Cannot find a camera. I have already gone in my system itself to make sure my camera is working properly and it is, however still no cam. I have a Acer Aspire 7745-7949 laptop with a windows 7 home premium. if you can please help me find a solution to this problem because i have literally tried everything else i can think of. Thank you.

I’ve installed acer crystal eye webcam but unfortunately when I open it there is some problem that my webcam doesn’t found “camera not found” please tell me what happen to those problem ?

I’ve installed acer crystal eye webcam but unfortunately when I open it there is some problem that my webcam doesn’t found “camera not found”
please tell me what happen to those problem ?

This worked very well on my acer aspire 5740. Thank you.

Hai… I’m having the 5738G and the Crystal Eye works after installing… Thanks for that.. Only problem is that on Skype my microphone still doesn’t work. I thought that it would be in the same driver as for the webcam, but guess I was wrong. Can you please tell me if I will need to install a seperate driver for the microphone or if I’m doing something wrong ? Thanks a lot for your help

Bonjour j’ai 1 Acer Aspire One model KAV60 j’ai instalé le pilote Webcam Suyin_v. mais il afiche webcam absent. Quelqu’un peu m’aider merci d’aventage.

Didn’t work on Acer Aspire 5752G Just said “camera not found”

didn’t work on acer aspire 4937g.

Nothing happened. The screen is in black.

didn’t work on acer aspire 4738z, i used windows 7 32 bit

it’s aint work on my aspire E1 -421
help me please

its says .. camera not found:(

it didnt work with acer 5334 camera stil not found

for everyone who is still searching for the right driver for acer aspire one d series, there is the solution stated in comment 46335 by Matjeka.
i used it for d260 and it worked.

what is the solution for CAMERA NOT FOUND.

Thank you it is word for me, Acer ASPIRE 2930


It Doesn’t Work For Aspire One D257-1417

Hi, I am using Acer Extensa 5620. I was able to install it then tried using it. Its ok in a few seconds and start to slow down, and hangs up. My OS is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Need help. Thanks…

Doesn’t work for my acer aspire 5920. Cam not found. The file you mentioned in file ‘Windows’ doesn’t exsist.

A me non ha funzionato nell’Acer Extensa 5235

Non ha funzionato sul mio Acer Extensa 5235. Vorrei una soluzione alternativa

7220 aspire,it works thank you! brilliant!

Thnks for finally talking about > Acer Crystal Eye Web Cam Driver for Windows 7 Download – TECHRENA Guren Says:
October 27th, 2013 at 4:20 pm

please help, it does not work on my aspire one 725, and i tried so many times with other driver, and still does not work, it says “camera not found”, what should i do? please help, I’m using windows 7 home basic, 64bit operating system

Muy bueno, Nueva Instalacion, windows 7 32 bit. En Acer aspire 5517 Crystal Clear Muy bien.

aspire 5253-0681 no work . mesage “camera not found” windows 7 64 bit

Didn’t work in Acer Aspire 5535

i have different problem in aspire 3935, Os found the driver but the camera output is blur or it likes focus not working. How should i do? Thank you…

No me funciono en mi acer za3, solo aparece el icono pero solo dice cámara no encontrada,…

Hello! I’m Cambodia student. Thank for this program and tutorial. ?

says camera not found on my aspire 5349

For you guys who are using Windows7 32 bit on Aspire 4738z. You can follow the link below:

Not working :((( “Camera Not Found” (Acer Aspire One ZG5 win7 x86)

i’ve successfully installed it but when ever i click on it,it says no camera found

I quite like reading through a post that will
make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

http://www.acer.co.in/ac/en/IN/content/drivers hai friends u can download your software from here

notworking on my acer aspire 5570 it said No camera

I downloaded it on my acer aspire one net book and it didnt work

Everyone loves what you guys are usually up
too. This type of clever work and exposure! Keep up the wonderful works
guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

Acer Aspire One 532h = CAMERA LITEON 0.933 W7X86 A = IT IS WORK….

Hi guys can someone help me i tried this link and several other drivers and still saying camera not found. I formatted the laptop and i don’t have the original Chipset CD.. Im using aspire 4810T. its in window 7 32 bit please help

Thanks! It works on my aspire 5738.

mine dint work aspire e1-571….any other suggestion

hi’ my son deleted my camera shortcut icon of happy aspire one. what can i do to have it back?

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cant install on my aspire 3356 ? it keep saying file error . help me , fix this please :'(

hello, i have acer aspire 4339 crystal eye 3.1m webcam window 7 x64. what i did i restored my computer back to factory settings which then i lost the 3.1 webcam application and driver. My computer works and the virus are gone however my webcam is not there i did see the driver installed during process of factory settings. i was told to go to acer recovery program to install the driver/application instal shield but when i did download it and installed it that after it was done it say cannot find webcam device. Now i did another thing by going to the universal bus contoller and i expanded it to disbale the 2 usb root hub and i restarted my pc. I did enable it both usb root hub and and scan for hardware changes no webcam was found I restarted my computer and look in the device manager still no webcam.I saw in the device manager a 2 generic usb hub and tried to disable them and went back to the usb root hub and disable them too. I restarted my computer and went back to the device manager to the usb controller and the the generic usb hub enable them and scan for hardware change. i did the same thing to the usb root hub enable them and scan for changes. after all that i look at the device manager no 1.3m webcam or no webcam at all so i reboot it to take affect what i did and still webcam was not found. Im really lost now I dont know whether theirs drivers for the webcam is in my computer. I even went to techrena.net and downloaded a sunyin 5.25.3 application webcam open it up and put it in my computer and the software was on my program but when i click on it and it tried to open up it still says camera not found. I even went to the control panel at the device and printers only 3 items their it should be 4 items on the device. im pretty much lost now. CAN ANYONE HELP ME.

Its not work with Aspire 5715Z also

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I was helping a friend with a fresh install of 64 bit windows 7 Home Premium on ASPIRE 5820TG after a hard disk crash. I got stuck with the same problem like everyone else, it’s a built-in webcam yet it cannot be found. For a whole week I have tried everything including the solution in this post but nothing seemed to work.

This morning I thought of a silly idea. My wife has one of those mini notebooks Acer Aspire One AOD270 with 32 bit windows 7 Starter. Out of my frustration I decided to try that driver. I downloaded the Cyberlink webcam application from Acer site and installed it and restarted. Although the webcam and OS are completely different the unbelievable thing happened. IT WORKED. And it even prompted me to download an updated version which also worked very well after installation.

I really hope this can help at least some of you. Here is the link or you can just go to Acer site and look under AOD270 applications

PLEASEEEEEE HELPPP. it doesn’t work for my acer aspire 4738z .

hello!,I like your writing very much! share we
communicate more approximately your article on AOL?

I require a specialist on this house to solve my problem.

May be that’s you! Having a look forward to peer

Thank you so much Alberto. You are an angel!

The solution given in the article did not work for me, but Alberto’s worked just fine. So I advise others to try the above link, it might work for you too.

WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for mocler

only thing that worked…… Angelo method…. Thank You!

It didn’t work in Acer Aspire 4739, I hope you can help me out with that

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I have download the webcam driver of acer aspire one happy via the link we are leave in this interface of the forum, Thanks.

it works perfectly on my acer aspire 4752 win 8.0 32bit
thank you

Источник статьи: http://techrena.net/download-acer-crystal-eye-web-cam-driver-windows-7/